Magic Pengel: The Quest For Color (PS2)


Release dates

JP: March 20th, 2002 (Taito)

NA: June 24th, 2003 (Agetec)


The first game in the Rakugaki Ōkoku (Doodle Kingdom) series. With character design and animation done by Studio Ghibli and music done by Taito in-house composer ZUNTATA, this is an RPG following Zoe, Taro, and the player as they have doodles (creatures created from pure color) participate in Pokémon-style tournaments and learn about the strange town you inhabit. This game introduces Garakuta Studiofs defining trait: the ability to draw your own characters and use them in the aforementioned battles. The gameplay is incredibly simple (using a rock-paper-scissors format for the combat) and includes an asinine feature where you have a limited amount of color to use for your characters, but still worth it for what is easily the best story out of any of the games.

Download link is here.


NHK Tensai Bit-kun: Gramon Battle (PS2, GCN)


Release dates

JP PS2: September 18th, 2003 (Taito)

JP GCN: October 3rd, 2003 (Taito)


A Japanese-exclusive spin-off to Magic Pengel, re-using its engine and many of its assets, including sound effects and animations. Supposedly based on an NHK property of some kind, the gameplay is nearly identical to Magic Pengel as you create doodles (in this game called ggramonsh and gglamonsh interchangeably) and have them fight in turn-based battles. There is much less of an emphasis on story, and the orchestral score and rustic, homely style of Magic Pengel is replaced with a techno-infused rock soundtrack and a Saturday morning action show feel, akin to early Digimon.

Download link is here.


Graffiti Kingdom (PS2)


Release dates

JP: September 22nd, 2004 (Taito)

PAL: June 30th, 2005 (505 GameStreet)

NA: July 28th, 2005 (HOTEB)


The sequel to Magic Pengel; often recognized as Garakuta Studiofs best work as well as revered as one of the best games on the PlayStation 2. The game ditches the turn-based RPG system of the first game and instead is a 3D platformer with RPG elements sprinkled in. It also drops the color-collecting mechanic from that game and instead lets you create full characters right out of the gate, with even more features, attacks and animation options being unlocked as you go on. The gamefs voice acting is laughably bad, but the wonderful soundtrack done by Chrono Trigger composer Yatsunori Mitsuda more than makes up for it. A must-play.

Download link is here.



LostMagic (DS)



Release dates

JP: January 19th, 2006 (Taito)

NA: April 25th, 2006 (Ubisoft)

EU: April 27th, 2006 (Ubisoft)

AU: April 28th, 2006 (Ubisoft)


Often considered Garakuta Studiofs worst release, LostMagic is a real-time strategy RPG where you must memorize runes and draw them to attack others in battle. The gamefs story follows a boy named Isaac as he learns to use the Wand of Light and master its magic. There are almost no connecting threads between this game and Garakuta Studiofs other work, besides Zoe and Taro from Magic Pengel making a cameo. Also got two Japanese-exclusive sequels made without Garakuta Studiofs involvement.

Download link is here.



Rakugaki Kingdom (iOS, Android)


Release date

JP: Winter 2020 (Taito)


After over fifteen years without a new game, there was a surprise announcement in 2019 that a new game in the Rakugaki Ōkoku series would be released for mobile devices. The game will bring back the turn-based mechanics from Magic Pengel and feature some entirely new modes, including a virtual pet mode where you can take care of your doodles and an AR camera allowing you to take photos of your doodles superimposed over real locations. ZUNTATA will also return to compose the soundtrack. It is unknown if this game will get a Western localization.

Official website is here.